Every eight years, municipalities in Nova Scotia are required to conduct a review of municipal electoral boundaries. Since the municipality’s population is always changing, and some areas gain residents while others shrink, this regular review process helps ensure that residents are adequately and fairly represented on Municipal Council. It is now time for the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s to conduct a review.

St. Mary’s currently has seven electoral districts:

More information on the process and on past electoral boundary reviews can be found in the pdf BACKGROUND REPORT (1.78 MB) .


Phase 1 – Council Size – WE ARE HERE

This phase of the project will review the number of electoral districts and number of councillors to ensure the best balance of resident representation, councillor workloads, and municipal efficiency.

Current Engagement: A public survey on Council size is open until August 26th, you can complete the survey here.

Future Engagement: Public presentation on Council size in mid-September


Phase 2 – District Boundaries

Once we have determined the appropriate number of councillors and electoral districts, we will review options for the boundaries between districts. The Municipal Government Act sets five criteria for establishing district boundaries:
• Number of electors
• Relative parity of voting power
• Community interest
• Geographic size
• Population density

Future engagement: Online mapping tool for draft electoral boundaries in late September

Future engagement: Public meetings on electoral boundaries in early October


Project Contact

If you have questions or concerns about the electoral boundary review you can contact:
Ian Watson
Senior Planner
UPLAND Planning + Design
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.