World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has published guidelines to help countries balance the demands of responding directly to COVID-19, while maintaining essential health services. The World Health Organization is working intensively with several partners to massively increase access to life-saving products, including diagnostics, PPE, medical oxygen, ventilators and more.

To help families deal with these stressful times, the World Health Organization has developed some helpful parenting tips including, pdf One-on-One Time (677 KB) , pdf Keeping It Positive (342 KB) , pdf Keep Calm and Manage Stress (322 KB) and pdf Talking about COVID-19 (315 KB) . They also have a myth busters page that keeps residents up to date with reliable information.

Please visit the World Health Organization Website for more informatin and relevant updates.


Nova Scotia Health Authority

Nova Scotia Health is working closely with the Department of Health and Wellness and other health system partners to respond to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation and will respond in step with our partners. All up-to-date information around COVID-19 cases and resources can be found

In order to help Nova Scotian's cope, the NS Health Authority has many resources regarding COVID-19 on their website including Frequently Asked Questions, Mental Health Support as well as information on preventing Coronavirus for individuals with cancer.

Please visit the NS Health Authority Website for more informatin and relevant updates.

Proper Hand Washing