All photographs taken by John Kingwell, of Knickles Studio.


Greg Morrow and Council

From left to right: Councillor Courtney Mailman, Councillor Everett Baker, Deputy Warden James Fuller, Honourable Greg Morrow, MLA, Warden Greg Wier, Councillor Charlene Zinck, Councillor Beulah Malloy

 Sherbrooke Fire Department

Sherbrooke Fire Department:
From left to right: Ed Weir, Herbie Scott, Wayne Auton, Wayne Feltmate, Brian Hallett.

 Goshen Fire Department

Goshen Fire Department:
From left to right: Marcel Martin, Clarence Dort, Wendell Hendsbee, Ron Chisholm

 Liscomb Fire Department

Liscomb Fire Department:
From left to right: Irvin Hartling, Keith Veinotte, Trevor Tibbo

 Seashore Fire Department

Seashore Fire Department:
From Left to right: Keith Horton, Walter Bingley, Peggy Jack, Brian Kaiser, Ellis Kaiser

 Ecum Secum Fire Department

Ecum Secum Fire Department;
From left to right: Lawrence Fleet, Claude Bezanson, Michael Durnford, Bear the Dog, Dianne Pace, Douglas Pace, Harold Keefe, Alan Publicover

 St Marys fire Department

St. Mary’s Fire Department:
From left to right: Kerry Archibald, Linda Archibald

Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

From left to right: Cst. Justin Greene, Cst. Thomas Thordarson

Environment Health and Safety

From left to right: Keith Veinotte


Outstanding Service Awards

Ed Weir Outstanding Service

Ed Weir, Outstanding Service Award

 Herbie Scott Outstanding Service

Herbie Scott, Outstanding Service Award

 Irvin Hartling Outstanding Service

Irvin Hartling, Outstanding Service Award

Keith Veinotte Outstanding Service

Keith Veinotte, Outstanding Service Award

Michael Durnford Outstanding Service

Mike Durnford, Outstanding Service Award

 Trevor Tibbo Outstanding Service

Trevor Tibbo Outstanding Service Award

 Wayne Auton Outstanding Service

Wayne Auton, Outstanding Service Award


Valour Awards

Keith Horton Valour

Keith Horton, Valor Award

Wayne Feltmate Valour

Wayne Feltmate, Valour Award

Brian Hallett Valour

Brian Hallett, Valour Award