How The Library Can Help:

This holiday season a library card can help save you money. If you used your library card to read just one book per month and watch just one movie per month, you would save $672 dollars in a year. Using your library card is easy and it doesn’t cost you anything.

A library card can help you navigate some of this insecurity by providing access to relevant online courses through Lynda/LinkedIn Learning. If you need to learn Zoom to connect with family and friends during the holidays, Lynda can help you do that. What you can learn with a library card may surprise you. Rocket Languages offers interactive online language learning courses in over 12 languages, including sign language. You can also read newspapers including the Chronicle Herald for free using PressReader. It offers newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in 60+ languages. 

There are so many more ways a library card can help you economize while at the same time engaging your mind, it’s impossible to cover them all. A library card can support your well being during the holiday season and all year long. Stay up to date on services offered at ECRL by visiting often, or by following ECRL on social media:  |

For more information please see:  pdf ECRL Media Release (187 KB)