To ensure that the night is fun and memorable check out these Halloween safety tips:
Trick-or-treaters, parents and guardians:
• Follow normal pedestrian safety rules. Look both ways before crossing the street and watch for vehicles (especially vehicles backing out of driveways).
• Trick-or-treat with people; don’t trick-or-treat alone.
• Avoid criss-crossing the street. Go down one side of the street, then up the other.
• Ensure Halloween costumes are bright, reflective and fit well. Confirm that costumes allow the wearer to see clearly. Consider using face paint or makeup instead of a mask.
• Carry a flashlight and stay close to well-lit areas.
• Be sure an adult checks all Halloween candy before trick-or-treaters dig in.
• Trick-or-treaters should tell their parents and/or guardians their Halloween route and when they expect to be home.
• Dress warmly.
• Watch for open flames and be careful around jack-o-lanterns.
• Stay outside while trick-or-treating. Never enter someone's home.

• With the excitement of Halloween, trick-or-treaters may forget pedestrian safety rules.
• Drive slowly and be careful backing up.
• Drive with extra caution in residential areas.

• Keep your doorway well-lit; clear of tripping hazards and open flames.
• Give out only commercially wrapped snacks.
• Keep pets inside on Halloween. Costumes and loud noises may scare them.
Wishing everyone a fa-boo-lous and safe night!