The government is taking the next step in its commitment to create a new provincial buy local program and encouraging Nova Scotians to offer ideas and opinions on its development. The program - Nova Scotia Loyal - is now in the prototyping phase and will include a team visiting stores and markets across the province this summer to research consumer behaviour and hear directly from Nova Scotians.

"Nova Scotia Loyal will be a buy local program like no other - a compelling call to action, highly visible and supported by a rewards program," said Premier Tim Houston. "For it to have the greatest impact, we need Nova Scotians to buy in and help build it with us. The prototyping phase will give people an opportunity to tell us more about what it means to be Nova Scotia Loyal."

The government will also work with retailers of all sizes and has also launched an engagement campaign to hear from people about Nova Scotia Loyal branding, including the creative look and feel. There will be a variety of ways to provide feedback, including in person, on the Nova Scotia Loyal website and on social media.
The goal of Nova Scotia Loyal is a 10 per cent shift in demand to local products.

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