Under regular circumstances the building capacity of the St. Mary’s Recplex is 150 people including the ice surface and designated spectator area. Based on provincial regulations and with the Municipality being responsible for monitoring the compliance of the Covid-19 protocols, the following rules apply to the St. Mary’s Recplex:

  • The maximum capacity of the facility is 75 individuals.
  • The maximum capacity of the ice surface is 50 individuals.
  • One care-giver per family is permitted for St. Mary’s Coyotes House League Hockey.

o Participants are asked to arrive right before their time on the ice and depart the facility right after.

o Dressing rooms may be used for participants to put on skates (it is still recommended that participants arrive dressed in gear). Five children per dressing room, each may be accompanied by a caregiver (up to a maximum of ten individuals per room).

o Care-givers are asked to stay in the designated spectator area until your child has completed their activity. Once your child is finished, you may assist them in the dressing room and depart the facility immediately following.

  • One care-giver per family for youth 12 and under is permitted for St. Mary’s Rec Programs.
  • No spectators are permitted for St. Mary’s Curling Club.
  • No spectators are permitted for Adult Hockey League.

We ask for your patience while we attempt to keep recreational programs running and providing our residents the opportunity to be physically active during these unforeseen circumstances due to the current Global Pandemic caused by Corona Virus. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.