Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 immunization plan includes 3 phases. Each phase identifies when different groups can receive the vaccine. The plan is flexible to allow for increases or decreases in vaccine supply. Every person in Nova Scotia who wants the COVID-19 vaccine will receive it for free.

As vaccine supply increases, access to the vaccine will also increase. Everyone who wants to get the vaccine should have the first dose by the end of June 2021.

Vaccine will be provided through:

  • healthcare worker clinics
  • long-term care clinics
  • pharmacies
  • doctor’s offices
  • First Nation clinics in Mi’kmaw communities

As part of the planning process, work is underway to explore how to work with primary care providers (doctors) to see how vaccine can be provided to Nova Scotians in the community through these professionals. Providers will need to follow strict temperature and storage requirements. The planning process also looks at different ways to support mass immunization like community clinics.

The planning process also includes working with African Nova Scotian communities during Phase 1 to understand the needs of the community.

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