The Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s has received the final report from Jozsa Management & Economics for the study on local economic impacts that may be possible as a result of the proposed gold mine at Cochrane Hill.  The Municipality engaged the consultant as an arm’s length third party to complete the analysis. The Report was intended to be used in conjunction  with the Environmental Impact Statement by the proponent (Atlantic Gold), the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) environmental approval documents and the Province of Nova Scotia Mining Permitting documents to assist Council in developing a position on the proposed mine. 

The Municipality acknowledges that the analysis is based on the original project description for the proposed mine as submitted by Atlantic Gold to CEAA in September 2018 to initiate the environmental approval process.  Changing factors in the interim could limit the extent to which the consultant’s economic modeling can be applied without more detailed information on the project.

The report can be viewed at: