To the Residents of the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s,
Here at the District of the Municipality of Saint Mary’s we have been receiving many questions regarding the Recplex and the rules regarding Covid-19. We appreciate each and every concern. At the beginning of the winter season it was determined that it was essential for the Recplex to be opened for individuals who wish to participate in recreational programming. There were many factors taken into consideration when determining how to open the Recplex under Covid-19 regulations and guidelines. The Recplex has limited space designated for spectators. This space must be available for the next group of individuals coming in for their ice time. In regards to allowing one parent per family for St. Mary’s Coyotes House League Hockey it was determined in consultation with the St. Mary's Coyotes president; that to adequately run the program one parent in attendance per family would be beneficial to help with their child's equipment before and after their game. Without the extra support, coaches would be spending the majority of their time helping the children prepare to participate, instead of the youth participating in programming. Allowing more than one parent per family would quickly put the Recplex over its capacity for spectators. The Municipality has put a great amount of thought into how we can provide the opportunity for our residents to participate in physical activity, while protecting the community from a potential Covid-19 outbreak. Additional measures we have taken include hiring a Recplex Monitor. It is their responsibility to ensure that the facility is kept clean and disinfected; ensure that Covid-19 protocols are being followed; and ensuring that the capacity of the building is not exceeded.
Here at the Municipality we have been working hard to ensure that our residents have the opportunity to participate in physical activity while following Covid-19 rules and regulations.
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Kind regards,
Mallory Fraser- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.